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August 22, 2007

A Cupboard Full of Flashlights

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We all have things in our lives that don’t go as planned or even remotely like they ought to have gone, or even the way they could have gone if only….

We have a situation at my house that seems symbolic of such things.  At my house we have a cupboard full of flashlights and none of them works.  It appears that the battery elves, (malicious elves, not the benevolent kind) have stolen all our batteries.  We don’t have the dead batteries that most people possess, we have no batteries at all.  This means that we have a cupbord full of empty flashlights.  At least they have bulbs.

I find that what is and what happened often bears little resemblence to what ought to be and what ought to have happened.  This is such a common state of affairs that we have a saying that summs it up: The best plans of mice and men. Most of us have probably used that phrase at one point or another because most of us have felt at some time that we have no more control over our lives than has a mouse and surely the trap awaits us.

Life is full of ironies such as the cupboard full of flashlights with no batteries, or the large yard that can’t be enjoyed because the dogs have destroyed it digging after gophers, or the drawer full of socks that don’t match.  And then there’s my wonderful husband’s recent favorite: using up a perfectly good Saturday fixing the dryer.  Or perhaps that doesn’t actually qualify as an irony.  Either way, it certainly is a disapointment which is really what these ironies are all about.

Despite life’s setbacks we must all be optimists at heart, intent on prevailing over our disapointments because we continue to replace batteries we know will only disapear and we continue to buy more socks even though we know the dryer will eventually eat half of them.  We keep on loving the garden-destroying dog and persevering husbands will give up more Saturdays to fix dryers for their wives because they love them. 

Life may not be what we expected, hoped for or worked toward; but somehow, despite the potholes and detours, life is good.  Would we really want it any other way?


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