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September 18, 2007

The Mad Rush of Time

Filed under: Living,Tyranny — Alexandra The Great @ 9:26 pm

Time is the one commodity we seem never to have enough of.  In fact, our lives are sometimes measured by our shortage of it.  How many of us when asked, “How are you doing?” respond with, “Busy!” 

In an age where information is sent around the globe in seconds, work is done mainly by machine, and people routinely travel at speeds undreamed of in other centuries, one would think that we would have an abundance of time for leisure, relationships, and rest.  On the contrary, we are arguably the most enslaved generation of freemen ever to walk the earth.  Our backs are bowed under the tyranny of expectations other generations had not the luxury of facing. 

We work harder and faster to gain more, the obtaining of which pushes us further into debt causing us to stretch even farther and suffer the anxiety caused by overextended finances.  We submit to the many social pressures that at one time would have been viewed as leisure for the wealthy but are now viewed by many as inescapable necessities.  I think of mainly of children’s sports.  Many families commit to sports all year round and devote two to three afternoons a week and every weekend to the pursuit of their child’s participation in this social requirement.  And to think that Caesar only required a pinch of incense….

Apart from the countless (and costly) events we parents are required to sign our kids up for, our lives are also hijacked by our own set of social necessities that require full allegiance in return for acceptance or respectability or a place in “Who’s Who of the Pond,” whatever the agreement was when we pledged our soul to the good cause. 

I just wonder what possesses is to over-extend ourselves so far that the only thing we can say in response to a polite “How are you,” is, “Busy.”  Is it possible to cast off the demands of others and reel in our lives just a little bit?  Perhaps if we could, our answer would transform from “Busy” to “Satisfied.”  Satisfaction, after all, is not offered to us by the mad rush of time, but by the slow enjoyment of things worthwhile, by a job well done, and by the investment of ourselves in relationships with others and with God. 



  1. To me, this is unmistakable evidence of the Fall. We live under this ridiculous notion that with just enough technical advancement and wealth we will be able to achieve paradise on earth – we will be able escape the curse. But no matter what Microsoft and Sony develop; no matter what laws for safety the government enacts; no matter how successful the AMA and pharmaceutical companies are, the curse is always with us. Within this mortal coil, there will always be illness, accidents, death, disappointment, toil and struggle. If therefore the curse is pandemic, we ought to look toward a real paradise and rely on the Great Physician.

    Comment by Vanrensalier — September 20, 2007 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

  2. Amen to that! I sometimes feel I’m on a fast merry-go-round doing the same things over and over and over again and the mere speed of it all is making me dizzy. I’m having limited success reeling in my life, but it’s not like a person can just abandon genuine responsibilities. I fondly remember the days when I neither had as much (both possessions and commitments) nor needed as much. Did I say need?

    Comment by alexandrathegreat — September 20, 2007 @ 1:42 pm | Reply

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