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August 11, 2007

The Remodeling Project

Filed under: Remodeling — Alexandra The Great @ 8:36 pm

We’re in year three of a remodeling project. This project could have been completed in months rather than years had we hired it out but we didn’t.  We unfortunately entered into this project without the benefit of perfect hindsight.  With hindsight before hand we could have known not only the great difficulty of this project: the many hours of labor and the black hole that drags all available resources into it, but also the family crisis and various personal disasters that would derail our efforts along the way. If we don’t finish this remodeling before the new heavens and earth we’ll be working on this eternally!  Had we started out with hindsight we would have done things differently, perhaps with different timing or in a different way; but we had only our good intentions with the future closed to us.  But that’s the way life is, isn’t it.  We start out nearly blind and feel our way through and later, having improved eyesight, we look back and notice all the mistakes we made.  If only we could recognize mistakes before they were cemented in our past, avoid them altogether and instead do things the right way, the wise way.

Life is one big remodeling project.  Some of us have a goal in mind, others make up the plan as they go.  All of us though are under construction.  The good news for Christians though is that God is the builder.  He already has a plan for our end result and he somehow works all our mistakes, sin, ugliness, and disasters into his plan for a good end result.  I may not be able to overcome some of my mistakes, but God can and that is grace.  It is the one who has sinned much that loves much because she has been forgiven much.  None of us wants to wreck our lives, but when we foolishly do, God is able to make good of it in the end.  What a great God we serve.


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